mirage s/s 17BFW Beirut

Collection Writeup

Faraz Manan presents Mirage – Summer Couture 2017 at the Beirut Fashion Week in Beirut Lebanon on 21st April 2017. The couture show showcased a collection of 14 women’s wear and 2 men’s wear couture adorned by top models.

An unreal manifestation that entraps the eye, an optical phenomenon composed of enchanted mystique, allure and lust with dramatic sheers that makes you wonder if its real or a miracle, such is the experience of ‘Mirage’ - Summer Couture 2017 by Faraz Manan.

Each season Faraz Manan makes us experience a lifetime with his creations and the story behind each piece. Through travel he takes inspiration from architecture, interiors, culture and its people. Taking influence from the Arab culture, Faraz now takes us on a romantic journey between European and Arabic culture where east meets west.

Faraz Manan's ‘Mirage’ Summer Couture 2017 depicts a fascinating aura of mystery presenting awe-worthy and captivating silhouettes with a drama of layering in garments. Centered on clever detailing of interesting shapes, metallic hangings and signature fringes with bold necklines and combination of flowing, tapered and edgy silhouette to add an element of surprise to each piece. Entailing luxury fabrics; French silks, lamé, brocade and organza with designer’s signature color palette in pastels hues of blue, pink, gold and grey. The collection is a beautiful mix of delicate embellishments, appliqué and cutwork techniques, layering and fusion tailoring with a mesmerizing color palette.

“with an exotic and luxurious feel, Mirage is surely to captivate the heart of those who see and adorn…”
Says Designer, Faraz Manan

Faraz Manan has continued to inspire and allure discerning clientele with unparalleled couture skills. The enviable brand has set a new precedent for couture fashion nationally and internationally. Having showcased ‘Mirage’ Summer Couture 2017 by Faraz Manan on the 11th April in Dubai last week, Faraz Manan is set to inspire and astonish Beirut’s fashion aficionados at the Beirut Fashion Week on the 21st of April 2017.


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